My name is Natalie, I am 22 and I am from Essex in the UK. I'm just a typical girl who has an unhealthly obsession with makeup, hair and beauty products! I'm constantly wasting money on trying out new products - it's an addiction I tell ya! I think this puts me in a good position to write some precise reviews, so hopefully, you won't waste money on the things that aren't worth it.

I am a complete animal lover and believe that animals shouldn't be harmed just so that we can look better. I went cruelty free in 2013 after stumbling across some things that I found shocking! If you would like to learn more about animal testing and going cruelty free, I wrote a blog post on it here

After a while of going cruelty free and reading reviews about products, I realised most of the people writing these reviews were talking a lot about ingredients. I looked into this a little more and decided to make a conscious effort to buy and use products without damaging chemicals in them. To find out more about this you can read this blog post. 

In the September of 2013, I completed a course at the Freelance Academy of Makeup in London. Since then I have been working as a freelance makeup artist, mainly specialising in weddings. I then wanted to expand, so completed a course in hairstyling too. If you are interested in having a nose at some of my work then feel free to do so here - www.essexhairandmakeup.com

Thanks for taking the time to have a gander at my blog, if you've liked what you've seen, please come back and visit!

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